Join us for our
Education Fair

We would like to personally invite you to Canadian Higher Learning Academy’s Education Fair  on Sunday March 8, 2020 from 10am to 5pm. We will be talking about all of our online courses and programs for students of all ages, both local and international through 1 hour information sessions throughout the day.

Any student who registers for courses during this day is eligible to receive 20% off their courses. ***

We will also be giving out 2 FREE ticket vouchers to a boat cruise in the Toronto Harbour!**

It’s absolutely free to attend!

There will also be refreshments, prizes, and tons of giveaways! If you and your family are interested, please fill out this form below:

One raffle ticket per family.
** 2 free tickets are given on the day of the event upon entrance. Ticket vouchers must be redeemed online on to attend event. These are vouchers and will not be accept at the boat.  
***20% off promotion is only for local students, international students cannot redeem this promotion.

CHLA has the right to disqualify any attendee or family, a prize or giveaway if we find the disqualified party taking advantage of the current promotions.