We’re always looking to work with different schools and companies to enhance the CHLA experience.

Here are the reasons why we partner and the benefits of partnering with us.

Why do we partner?

Why do we partner?

In 2018, Canada accepted 721,205 international students. The Government of Canada has opened opportunities for international students and new immigrants to study, work & settle in Canada. Now is the time to capitalize on this opportunity to market student enrolment.

Individuals with an educational background such as teachers, principals etc, or individuals from any other sectors i.e. Banking, Medical Professional, Business Admin, Marketing, Consulting etc, can become a full time or part time BDO (Business Development Officer).

BDO’s can work towards enrolling students individually and/or tie up with educational institutions in partnership with CHLA. Compensation will be rewarded accordingly as per the volume of enrolment.

Classroom - International Student Mississauga ON

As a Business Development Manager, you will be responsible for educating students of all ages (including mature students) about the benefits of the OSSD as well as providing an academic plan for their continued undergraduate study in Canadian universities/colleges.  The success of CHLA relies heavily on its BDO’s. With affiliated offices all over the world CHLA has built a strong network of BDO’s to promote its programs. BDO’s are the core of CHLA’s business and we strive to ensure that they are not only well compensated but also provided with the best training so that they can perform their jobs at the highest level.

Affiliate School Program

CHLA has alliances with schools all over the world. If you are looking to work with us to facilitate our online program, please get in touch with us and a Business Development Officer in your area will schedule a meeting with you to go over the details.

Why Affiliate?

CHLA has implemented a revenue sharing model with all of its affiliated schools. The goal of the program is not to take your students away from your school but rather give them the opportunity to obtain two diplomas’ instead of just one. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Get in touch now!

Domestic Learning Centres

Whether you own a tutoring centre or an ESL/IELTS centre or any educational institute, CHLA wants to work with you.

CHLA has been providing online education to Ontario students as well as students from around the world for many years and we are now looking to grow our brand within the GTA. We look to do this by partnering with institutions such as yours. We believe that your facility has the capability to tutor our students in their respective courses so that they can reach their maximum potential.

We have created a 3-step plan to achieve this, please see below:
Step 1. Promote CHLA and enrol students into CHLA from your tutoring centre.
Step 2. Receive a commission per student
Step 3. You up-sell your tutoring package on top for our course. We don’t take any commission from you.

Please click on the “Apply now” button above and get started with us today !

Become a Business Development Officer

If you would like more information regarding the BDO program please download the following brochure. Once you have read through it please contact us or apply on the next page for a position. A BDM (Business Development Manager) will reach out to you to provide you with the next steps towards your application.


About us

Our company vision is to impart knowledge based on the willingness to learn, not geographical confines.  We believe strongly in the notion that every person has the right to quality education regardless of location.

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