Summer School

Completing a course online during the summer is a great way for any student to earn a credit. CHLA online credits allow you to enjoy your summer break while completing your course at the pace and location you prefer. Our courses during the summer are open to all students from all school boards. Summer courses have open enrolment which means students can begin at any time.

Taking a course in the summer does not require your current high school’s permission. Students taking a summer course will receive a final report card, and copies will be sent to your home-school where the course(s) are added to your ongoing Ontario Student Record (OSR).

Why take a summer school courses online?

  1. Earn a New Credit: complete a course which you have never taken before
  2. Failed Course: repeat a course in order to earn your credit
  3. Improve Mark: repeat to improve a mark in a course you previously completed

Summer School Registration


Our Online Summer School Program begins on Monday July 3rd, 2017. We encourage students to register as soon as possible in order to secure a spot for the summer school program. Registered students will receive login access to their courses on the first day of classes (July 3rd, 2017).

Students are given 2 options for their summer courses:

  1. Begin in the summer and complete the course entirely at your own pace (you will have up to 10 months to complete your course)
  2. Finish the course within 2 months (students will be given deadlines to ensure their courses are finished before September)

Teachers will ask the student which option they would like to choose for their summer course on the first day.

*NOTE: Select July 3rd, 2017 as the Start Date on the registration page when registering for your course.